Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Why Amazon?

                                                                Why Amazon?

Couple of years ago my 85 year old mother wanted to go to Chapters to purchase some special cook book she had been wanting for a while. After looking for a while we could not locate it, so we looked on their inventory computer, and found out none were available at that store, but we could order it for $40, and if we came back in week it would be there.
Instead I looked on Amazon for the very first time, and purchased the book for $20 (while standing in Chapters) and it was delivered right to her door within 2 days.
Twice as fast, and half the price.

Not long ago my 12 year old son really wanted to purchase some Rubik's cubes. After taking him to the store we were both absolutely taken aback by the sticker prices. $30 or more for each individual cube!! My son didn't even have $30 with him so he asked me to google Amazon.
In 3 days he had 5 brand new Rubik's cubes waiting in the mail box for $11.
$30 for one or $11 for 5 was an easy choice to make.

You can buy everything on Amazon from Cattle wormer to milkers, gates, and even electric dehorners, so why not semen?
 Like anything else on Amazon you don't have to pay for the fancy store, and they use existing courier services so no need to pay extra for vehicles or sales reps to deliver your product, and no wasted time negotiating prices with them.

Amazon for semen sales is not perfect. It is not cost efficient to ship a few doses so it does require some volume to justify the low prices, but for commercial producers who just want really good Bulls at a really good price, we are hopeful it will work for you. So far feed back has been very positive, and of coarse if there is a bull in any particular group that you really don't want, or if there is one you would like to add, by all means contact us, and we will try to meet your needs.

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  1. Congrats on the new endeavor! Good luck....I think you are on the tight track.